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It has been too long!
June 6, 2007, 8:38 pm
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I apologize to all of my readers (the few of you) for having taken such a long break from posting! I vow to never again neglect my blog for longer than 1 week!

My new favorite web-site…


Tired of your web-surfing routine? Does your hand automatically gravitate to the same web-sites day after day after day (New York Times, Salon, CNN, Perez Hilton). Wanna find something new and unique? Well, stop browsing on auto-pilot! Inject some life into your surfing mojo! Check out the Scout Report!

The Wall Street Journal sums it up nicely…

“Most of us visit the same old Web sites day after day; Here’s how to get out of your rut. If you’re like most people, it’s probably not very many. Time is limited, the Web is vast — and the handful of Web sites you visit regularly seem just fine. But know this: Your lack of Web adventure means you’re missing out on a wealth of information, knowledge and whimsy online. And to find it, you must have to know whom to ask. One of the best is the Internet Scout Report (Scout.cs.Wisc.edu), a project of the computer-sciences department at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Since 1994, the report has published a weekly listing of sites of interest to researchers and educators in the U.S.”

To “researchers” and “educators,” I would add anyone with some curiosity and a desire to expand their web horizons! Set up newsletter style, issues come out every week with recommendations under the categories: general interest, education and research, and in the news. You can keyword search the archives or browse the back issues!

Here are some cool sites I’m glad I know about but never would have found on my own: (Thanks Scout Report!)




Here’s to happier surfing Big Kahuna!


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