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Post #4: Confessions of a Reluctant Blogger
November 12, 2007, 5:58 am
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I must confess…that…okay…i’ll just come right out and admit it…blogging kind of stresses me out. It may seem strange for a former actor to feel shy about putting herself out there, but man do I ever get stage fright when it’s time to start writing a blog post. Seriously, I would much rather don a chicken costume and sing “Memories” in front of an audience of ten thousand than write a 200 word blog post.

What is that about?

For me, it feels so strange to be putting my thoughts and opinions out there for any and all to see. Not only that, but with 70 million plus blogs—I feel like you need to stand out, find a niche, have something really important or new or witty to say, otherwise why say it at all? Aaargh—the pressure! What’s a reluctant blogger to do?

Luckily, there is no shortage of on-line advice about how to make your blog a successful one. If you’re experiencing blog anxiety too, you should definitely check out some of these useful sites for a little inspiration and motivation:





So, here’s to less anxiety ridden blogging!!



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Here is a way out of this stress: Identify the one thing that you are awesome at. I am positive there is one. Something that makes you uniquely you. Now write. 🙂

Blogging is fun when you write about what you already are great at, and you add a unique voice to the blogosphere which means the audience will come.

Good luck.


Comment by Avinash Kaushik

Thanks for the confession. I think you put into words what I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Like, why am I so anxious about posting the next blog? I have plenty of thoughts about lots of stuff. But do I really want people to know what I’m thinking? Sometimes that could be dangerous. Also, thanks for the motivational sites.

Comment by Deborah

I know exactly how you feel! I also get slightly anxious when I know I have another blog that I have to post for class. I’m sure in theatre you may have less qualms because you know that you are pretending to be someone else and that if someone did not like the character you played, it has nothing to do with you. They just did not like the character. On the other hand, with blogging you are posting YOUR thoughts and it may make you feel exposed in a sense. You do not know how people will react to what you write! Also, I know it sometimes seems that others have these original, witty, and amazing blog posts and we wonder how we can top that! Do not worry Jen. You are not alone with your blogger anxiety. I am there with you!

Comment by victoria922

I guess we all have some kind of anxiety when it is time to post! It seems someone is always ahead of you with an idea or they have more creative ideas. However I think the more I post the better it feels!

Comment by Neena

Thanks everyone for your comments and advice!

I’m working on overcoming my blogging bashfulness and on a quest to discover my bloggin’ voice!


Comment by Jenn

I found it hard to get going.

Getting some comments was crucial.

Suddenly I feel freer.

I just write and illustrate what I’m excited about.

If I have a thought to explore I pop it up to add to in the future.

I have several blogs for different subjects and interests. Several are shared with others – some just my own thoughts.

I love adding pictures and collections of things I like.

Now when I find something on the Internet that stimulates me I include it.

Where I add things depends on my mood – sometimes very positive, sometimes depressed!

Now I have to learn how to stop!

inquisitivity.blogspot.com is my favorite . . . sometimes!

It would be good to leave you a picture but I can’t . . . can I ?

Comment by Geoff Dellow

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