Miss Letting-Go-Getting

The week in which I decide to live up to my name
May 1, 2008, 5:26 am
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It has been an eventful week, to say the least. Saw some art and saw a ghost, a tall balding ghost who looked much like someone I used to know. It was a brief sighting in which the ghost saw me and turned away quickly, new love in tow and in which I saw him and ran away quickly with heart pounding, eyes brimming, good friend in tow. I looked back once and made eye contact with the girl, THE GIRL, the girl, THAT GIRL and in that millisecond of a moment, among many things, I felt raging jealousy and searing pain and maybe, just maybe, a tiny bit sorry for her. See, a very long time ago, the ghost once did the very same thing to me. Turned me away oh-so-quickly from the last girl and I knew what he was doing, just like I know this girl knew what he was doing. Perhaps it will be different for this girl, but that’s really no matter of mine. No matter of mine at all.

I am after all, Miss LGG. Right?



Miss LGG, dammit.


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Damn right!

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