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X-mas Wish List: ATM of books
September 20, 2008, 3:28 pm
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So if any of you have been plagued with the conundrum of what to get me for Christ’s birthday, fret no more.  You can buy me The Espresso Book Machine.  It can print a 300 page paper back with a color cover on-demand in 3 minutes.  Wowza.

It is only $50,000.

Please. Pretty please. 


Miss LGG


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I was going to get you one the other day, but there’s no way you’d fit it in your place. I got you the new Bill O’Reilly book instead.

Comment by Ryan

Lovely article about the poetry of dictionaries.

Comment by schluetermetz

i WAS wondering what to get you! and it just so happens i have around $4,000,000,000 in my mob wars bank account – so i will be happy to purchase this for you, my dear. and so nice to see you out in the blog-o-sphere as well. i’m still learning/adjusting. but i find it quite warm and fuzzy so far. when shall we meet up like we always say we should? just us gals? should we invite the boys? i’d love either. xoxo

Comment by miss melissa

Miss LGG: Post something new on your blog. js

Comment by schluetermetz

Miss LGG: I’m going to tear my eyes out if I see this ATM of books one more time after fruitlessly loading your page. DOB

Comment by DOB

Word to that.

Comment by schluetermetz

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