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Books and Music and Blogs, Oh My!
July 14, 2008, 11:21 am
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Photo courtesy of Chilsta via Creative Commons & Flickr

I like blogs, I like books, I like book blogs. I also like music. Paper Cuts, one of my favorite book blogs has this really great feature called “Living With Music” wherein various authors discuss the effects of music on their lives and in most cases, offer up 10-song playlists complete with reasoning behind each selection.

This concept clearly isn’t new. Starbucks has their “Artist’s Choice” CD’s and I-Tunes has a similar feature, but I appreciate that this particular voyeuristic peek into the musical tastes of the famous is devoted to authors.

Measure for Measure, another of my favorite blogs courtesy of the New York Times features musicians discussing the art of song-writing.

“With music now available with a single, offhand click, it’s easy to forget that songs are not born whole, polished and ready to play. They are created by artists who draw on some combination of craft, skill and inspiration. In the coming weeks, the contributors to this blog — all accomplished songwriters — will pull back the curtain on the creative process as they write about their work on a songs in the making.”

Finally, the blog for my one of my favorite NPR shows, All Song’s Considered, has started a new feature in which they post the lyrics of a song, and readers post their interpretations.

“I Am Trying to Break Your Heart” by Wilco

“Everything in Its Right Place” by Radiohead

They also have a great post called “Sigur Ros vs My Spell Checker” Check it out I tell you!


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