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Seeking Balance
November 16, 2008, 7:29 pm
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Moving from the lovely chaos of the theatre world to the lovely orderliness of librarianship, has often been a confusing and somewhat painful process for my brain. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my chosen field of study, but I really miss theatre in all of its beautiful craziness.

Occasionally, I feel like this…


Check out this video from Ted.com (if you aren’t familiar with this site–it is an AWESOME collection of talks by really smart people on a countless number of topics):

“Artist and comedian Ursus Wehrli shares his vision for a cleaner, more organized, tidier form of art — by deconstructing the paintings of modern masters into their component pieces, sorted by color and size. Beyond the whimsy, of course, is a serious message, to honor and balance creativity and messiness, form and chaos.”

I could definitely use some of that aforementioned balance. Soon, soon I hope to meld my two worlds. Three more weeks!


Miss Lgg


X-mas Wish List: ATM of books
September 20, 2008, 3:28 pm
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So if any of you have been plagued with the conundrum of what to get me for Christ’s birthday, fret no more.  You can buy me The Espresso Book Machine.  It can print a 300 page paper back with a color cover on-demand in 3 minutes.  Wowza.

It is only $50,000.

Please. Pretty please. 


Miss LGG

Miss LGG’s Book of the Week: The Culture Code
July 12, 2008, 4:31 pm
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The Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille, 202 pgs.

The Culture Code by cultural anthropologist (and French ex-pat) Clotaire Rapaille explores the unconscious meanings we apply to products, relationships and our country through the lens of the culture in which we are raised. Below are some of the codes discussed in the book; some of which are incredibly obvious, and others, somewhat shocking. You’ll have to read the book to find out more…

Some American Culture Codes explored in the book:



Love=False Expectation



Beauty=Man’s Salvation

Fat=Checking Out



Work=Who You Are


Quality=It Works


Luxury=Military Stripes



Shopping=Reconnecting with Life

Culture Codes for countries:

France=IDEA/French code for America=Space Travelers

England=CLASS/English code for America=Unashamedly Abundant

Germany=ORDER/German code for America=John Wayne


“The Culture Code offers the benefit of great new freedom gained from understanding why you act the way you do. It gives you a new set of glasses with which you can see the world in a new way. We are all individuals, and each of us has a complex set of motivations, inspirations, and guiding principles–a personal Code, if you will. However, seeing how we think as a culture, how we behave as a group in predictable patterns based on the survival kit we received at birth as Americans, or English, or French, enables us to navigate our world with a vision we’ve heretofore lacked.” — Clotaire Rapaille

Fast-paced, easy to read and peppered with examples from Ropaille’s extensive marketing work, The Culture Code is A fascinating read for anyone interested in how we as a culture operate, our reasons for doing so and how others view us.

If you’re at all interested, you can also check out the Frontline episode “The Persuaders” part of which features the work of Monsieur Rapaille.

In a similar vein, check out this awesome on-line project by Noah Brier, “a collective experiment in brand perception.” I think the brand clouds for American Apparel and Fox News are my personal favorites.


Miss LGG

Please Boycott Heinz!
July 5, 2008, 3:40 pm
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My dear friend has started a campaign against Heinz due to the removal of this British commercial based on a ridiculously small number of customer complaints:

After 200 complaints (and some allegedly posthumous crowing by the American Family Association, whose aim is to promote bigotry under the guise of “values”) Heinz has pulled an ad for its Deli Mayo featuring two men “kissing” from the UK airwaves.

Some may call this a manufactured controversy – that Heinz knew that this would cause such a stir, except there’s nothing controversial about it. It’s two men who have a very brief smack on the lips. English broadcast TV, no slouch in the swearing and nudity department, finds THIS so offensive that it has to be pulled? In the year 2008?

If it’s a created controversy, so be it. It’s still an insult to gay people everywhere.

Bill O’Reilly – that paragon of moral virtue -taking credit for helping to get this scourge of an ad off the British airwaves within a week of its first airing, couldn’t have said it better when he said “You don’t put on a commercial that is number going to offend millions of people, because” and this is where he scrunches up his face in an EW GROSS manner, “they don’t want to see that!”

And there you have it, ladies and gentleman! People don’t want to see that because at the end of the day, demonstrative displays of homosexuality (particularly MALE homosexuality) just icks them out, even the benign displays found in this ad. And mayonnaise should really just be for one man and one woman. And it’s high time we do something about people using mayonnaise in a way god didn’t intend.

Gay men gross people out so much that even a kiss between men pretty much devoid of any sexuality can’t even exist as a joke in a mayonnaise commercial. This is how far we’ve come?

That said, I urge all of you to boycott Heinz and all of its subsidiaries until they issue a public apology to the gay community for their cowardly, pandering act. Some – not all – of Heinz’s products include the following:

Heinz Ketchup
Heinz 57
HP Sauces and Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
Jack Daniel’s Sauces and Marinades
Mr Yoshida’s Fine Sauces
Ore-Ida products
Deli Mex
Bagel Bites
TGI Fridays supermarket items
Wyler’s Bouillon
Weight Watchers frozen items
Boston Market supermarket items
Classico Pasta Sauce

This list is by no means comprehensive, but once I have the website up and running I’ll try to keep it as up to date as possible.

You can contact the US division of Heinz at (800) 255-5750 and let then know what you think.

I guess this means I have to get rid of:

Oh and also, here’s another little gem from our genius friends at the American Family Association.

Now go throw out your Heinz products!


Miss LGG

Have, Want, Need
June 21, 2008, 5:14 pm
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I have a great life.

I have the most wonderful friends and family, live in an amazing city and am now headed down a career path that I know will bring me great joy while at the same time contribute to the common good.

Sure there are a few things that I dream about, that I want for myself.

I want adventure and travel, constant learning, a loving, intelligent and kind companion, a home with a garden, a small menagerie of pets and maybe, yes maybe a kid or two.

What I need…what I need is an entirely different matter…I absolutely need some sexually ambiguous 80’s dude to bake bread for me in exactly this fashion…every day…for the rest of my life.

Thanks to Madame Lamb for bringing this gem of a video into my life.


Miss LGG

Status Update: Letting-Go: A+, Go-Getting: A-, Smoking: F (it’s time for the patch), Summer Reading Program: D

“Looking for the Mouse”
June 2, 2008, 2:27 pm
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This talk given by Web 2.0 guru Chris Shirky is absolutely brilliant. Essentially he asks the question, what could we do with the cognitive surplus that has been masked by the hundreds of millions of hours of passive television watching we Americans do? He makes the argument that it was gin that masked the cognitive surplus leading into the industrial revolution and the sitcom that is masking the next one.

Where do people find the time to participate in this new collaborative Web 2.0 world? What could we do with even 1% less television watching? Hmmmm. He puts it into perspective:

  • 100 million hours of human thought that make up the information in all of Wikipedia
  • Americans spend approximately 100 million hours a weekend watching television ads
  • Americans spend approximately 200 billion hours a year watching television.


He closes the talk with the story of a friend’s four year old daughter who while watching a movie one evening went behind the television in desperate pursuit of the mouse. Four year olds already know that “media that’s targeted at you but doesn’t include you may not be worth sitting still for.” I love that. Imagine what these four year olds will do.

How do we deploy the cognitive surplus? Stop being passive!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be all high and mighty here, I love my television (and my gin). In this crazy world we live in it is so necessary to zone out on the couch every once and awhile. I refuse to give up my Top Chef and my Lost, but perhaps I could do something better with the other hours I spend passively watching reruns of shows I’ve seen a gazillion times? Perhaps.

Try it. Watch just a little less television today and see what you come up with.


Miss LGG

Part 1:

Part 2:

May 23, 2008, 9:13 pm
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(R)andom (A)wesomeness of the (W)eek…

1. “Embrace a Dignified Life”

My brilliant little brother graduated from college this past weekend. I used to change the kid’s diapers and felt much like a parent must as he received many honors and gushing compliments from faculty and friends. I was so proud. Now I am both incredibly excited and scared for him, as I know all to well what a nerve-wracking time of life this can be, leaving the warm cozy bubble of academia for the real world. The commencement speaker gave an amazing speech encouraging the graduates to “embrace a dignified life” and to always strive to work for the common good rather than money, power and position. “Embrace a dignified life”–I love that phrase–I’ve been thinking about it all week. Embrace a dignified life. I know my little bro will have no problem at all with that. Me, I’m a tryin’!

2. Comeback Kid James Frey/Suck-it Oprah

Remember when all the hub-bub happened around James Frey’s book A Million Little Pieces. Basically what was published as a memoir was proven to be largely fictionalized and chaos ensued. Oprah publicly crucified him, the publishers pulled his book off the shelves and then offered refunds. Memoir or not, I enjoyed his book and I dislike Oprah even more after she tore him to shreds on live television. Then I read thisVanity Fair article, which made me even more pissed at the publishers and Oprah. Now he’s got a new fiction book out, Bright Shiny Morning and it is getting awesome reviews. Congrats James Frey, suck it Oprah.

3. Carl Sagan–Guba

I posted the below video on Facebook awhile ago because it features one of my all-time favorite people Carl Sagan talking about the great library of Alexandria. My friend and fellow Sagan fan Mike directed me to this amazing link about how Sagan and his wife fell in love. Mike also directed me to GUBA a site that allows you to download all sorts of awesome video, including the complete series of Cosmos!

4. NetFlix Streaming Video Box

For $100 you can buy a streaming video box and watch your Netflix movies immediately on your television with a broadband connection. WANT IT NOW!


Another great find from my friend Mike (he’s like my dealer for fun and interesting web stuff), TEAL stands for Typo Eradication Advancement League. Check out their blog! Thanks for feeding my addiction Mike!

6. The President Gives Up Golf!

Golf? Golf! Ha! Grr! AAAAAHHHHHH! I hate George Bush! Like I often do, I’ll let Keith Olbermann express my anger…

7. On a lighter note–LOL

more cat pictures

8. Three Day Weekends Y’all!!

I’ll be spending mine drinking my friends Dan & Natalie’s new ho-made beer Phil’s Prrrtr with a bunch of crazy union organizers, biking out to the botanical gardens and general chillin with my peeps. Hope you enjoy yours!


Miss LGG