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You Can Judge a Book by its Cover
December 6, 2008, 9:26 pm
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I love book covers! As a child and young adult I chose books primarily on the content of the cover. If it had animals or kids in peril, that book was coming home with me in the basket of my banana seat dirt bike.

As I grew older, covers containing feather haired bad boys with motorcycles or surfboards totally came home with me in my denim purse.

These days, my taste is much better all around. Gone are the days of stone washed jean purses, bubblegum drama and the lure of the bad boys (aka jerks). I certainly care more about the inner workings of a book, and I can really appreciate a great cover design. Often a lovely cover can pull me in without (god forbid) even reading a review!

Joseph Sullivan at the BDR (Book Design Review) posts his top designs of the year.

I want to devour every single one of them!

Miss LGG