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May 23, 2008, 9:13 pm
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(R)andom (A)wesomeness of the (W)eek…

1. “Embrace a Dignified Life”

My brilliant little brother graduated from college this past weekend. I used to change the kid’s diapers and felt much like a parent must as he received many honors and gushing compliments from faculty and friends. I was so proud. Now I am both incredibly excited and scared for him, as I know all to well what a nerve-wracking time of life this can be, leaving the warm cozy bubble of academia for the real world. The commencement speaker gave an amazing speech encouraging the graduates to “embrace a dignified life” and to always strive to work for the common good rather than money, power and position. “Embrace a dignified life”–I love that phrase–I’ve been thinking about it all week. Embrace a dignified life. I know my little bro will have no problem at all with that. Me, I’m a tryin’!

2. Comeback Kid James Frey/Suck-it Oprah

Remember when all the hub-bub happened around James Frey’s book A Million Little Pieces. Basically what was published as a memoir was proven to be largely fictionalized and chaos ensued. Oprah publicly crucified him, the publishers pulled his book off the shelves and then offered refunds. Memoir or not, I enjoyed his book and I dislike Oprah even more after she tore him to shreds on live television. Then I read thisVanity Fair article, which made me even more pissed at the publishers and Oprah. Now he’s got a new fiction book out, Bright Shiny Morning and it is getting awesome reviews. Congrats James Frey, suck it Oprah.

3. Carl Sagan–Guba

I posted the below video on Facebook awhile ago because it features one of my all-time favorite people Carl Sagan talking about the great library of Alexandria. My friend and fellow Sagan fan Mike directed me to this amazing link about how Sagan and his wife fell in love. Mike also directed me to GUBA a site that allows you to download all sorts of awesome video, including the complete series of Cosmos!

4. NetFlix Streaming Video Box

For $100 you can buy a streaming video box and watch your Netflix movies immediately on your television with a broadband connection. WANT IT NOW!


Another great find from my friend Mike (he’s like my dealer for fun and interesting web stuff), TEAL stands for Typo Eradication Advancement League. Check out their blog! Thanks for feeding my addiction Mike!

6. The President Gives Up Golf!

Golf? Golf! Ha! Grr! AAAAAHHHHHH! I hate George Bush! Like I often do, I’ll let Keith Olbermann express my anger…

7. On a lighter note–LOL

more cat pictures

8. Three Day Weekends Y’all!!

I’ll be spending mine drinking my friends Dan & Natalie’s new ho-made beer Phil’s Prrrtr with a bunch of crazy union organizers, biking out to the botanical gardens and general chillin with my peeps. Hope you enjoy yours!


Miss LGG


My Mother, My Weather Forecast
May 10, 2008, 5:42 pm
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“Whatever else is unsure in this stinking dunghill of a world a mother’s love is not.” – James Joyce

I heart my wonderful mother and owe many many things to her- especially my love of theatre and art, books and writing, libraries and learning. I can’t ever thank her enough for giving me these wonderful gifts–which bring me so much joy, every single day. Also I thank her for a great appreciation for casseroles and shoes.

One of the best quirks of my mother is her unrelenting obsession with the weather. She has stated many times that she wishes she had been a meteorologist and has even christened herself “weather-mom.” Weather mom calls regularly with warnings about precipitation that may or may not be happening way, way, way in the future.

Example phone message…

“Hi, it’s weather mom, just wanted to tell you to keep an eye on the weather for your drive home in two weeks, they’re predicting two inches of snow along I-80.”

One week later…

“It’s weather mom again. I’m a little concerned. I’ve been watching the weather channel all day and now they’re talking about 2.5 inches next weekend. I think you’d better prepare yourself not to come home.”

I’ll take “weather mom” any day especially over the following:

For more mother’s day fun sure to make you appreciate your mumsy in all of her glory, with all of her quirks check out:

  • Postcardsfromyomomma submissions of funny and strange electronic correspondances between mother and child.
  • For a list of the best and worst mothers ever check out TIME’s piece.

Do something nice for your mom and always remember it could be much, much worse.


Miss LGG