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Making Many Lists and Checking Them Whenever I Want
April 10, 2008, 6:25 am
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As a librarian/information maven-in-training I am constantly bombarded with an overwhelming amount of books, websites, articles, etc. In this age of information overload it is certainly hard to keep all of these amazing resources straight. Well tonight, I learned of a web resource designed to do just that. The following link goes out to all of my fellow list-makers:

Ta-da lists is a free website allowing you to create and keep track of personal lists, whatever they may be! You can access them whenever and wherever you are connected. Goodbye sticky notes and other random pieces of paper!

Here are the ones I’ve created thus far:

  • Things to do this month
  • Things to do this year
  • Things to do in this lifetime
  • Books I want to read
  • Books I should read
  • Websites for fun
  • Websites for reference
  • Blogs by friends
  • Blogs by librarians
  • Blogs by other random awesome folk

Make some lists, save some trees and enjoy!


Miss LGG


The Importance of Having a Plan
April 7, 2008, 10:57 pm
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I saw the play Crimes of the Heart yesterday at a theatre in Naperville, one of the gazillion suburbs of Chicago. Why drive all the way out to Naperville to see theatre you might ask? To which I reply, I went to see one of my darling friends perform! He was brilliant, despite having to act on the tiniest stage ever. Seriously tiny–with a table and three chairs, a sink, stove and cot all crammed up there.

Anyway, the long drive back to the city gave me way too much time to ponder the nearly 13 years that have passed since I was in that very same play. It was the summer after freshman year of college and I stuck around my trashy college town to avoid returning to my small hometown to work as a cashier at the local grocery store. Anyway, I was cast as Babe in Crimes of the Heart along with someone who is now quite famous. This person, who will remain unnamed, was several years older than me and it bears mentioning that in college a three year age difference feels like a monumental gap in wisdom and maturity. She took me under her wing, and I was enamored of her, of her confidence, her power over men, and especially her plan. This girl had a plan. A plan to move to LA and make it big, and she had it planned down to the tiniest detail. From point A to Z–this is how she would make it happen.

Now I’m sure it didn’t quite all happen as she had planned, but she did indeed make it BIG, and I have to wonder: a) how much of it was luck? b) how much of it was drive and persistence? c) how much of it was having a plan and making every effort to stick to it? Ehh, probably all of the above, with some talent thrown in there, and also big boobs. They always help. Dammit.

Me though, I can’t even stay loyal to a day-planner. I buy them every year and vow to be a better planner of life, but never write anything in them after a week. Sometimes I wonder if my lack of a solid plan is a good thing or the reason for feeling like I’m always spinning my wheels. I’ve lived most of my life operating on the “I live in the moment,” free-spirited, “whatever happens happens” attitude–and I’m starting to think that’s bull-shit. You gotsta have a plan. You of course need to be flexible, but you definitely need some idea of where you want your life to go. Duh.

Holy shit. I’ve finally figured it all out. All of it.

To illustrate my point with a book, which you will soon learn is how I operate–I will direct you to the current book I’m reading, which just happens to be the perfect example of what kind of giant mess can happen when you operate without a plan. I suggest this book to anyone who:

a) enjoys black comedy

b) is royally pissed off about the Bush administration and needs more fodder for arguing with people who are still republicans

c) needs motivation for planning something

Oh crap, I’m sorry, I’m not being a very good librarian when I let my own political leanings influence how I describe the book. In all seriousness, this book is an eye-opening, intimate look at what happened (or didn’t happen) inside the resort-like Green-zone in Baghdad. It will make you laugh out loud, scratch your head, cry, and shake with anger–all at the same time. It will also make you want to plan the shit out of things.

Miss LGG’s Book of the Week:

Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq’s Green Zone by Rajiv Chandrasekaran

Reviews of Miss LGG’s Book of the Week (by professionals who actually know how to review a book):

New York Times

New Yorker

Website of the Day:

Lifehacker “tech tips, tricks and downloads for getting things done”


Alright, I’m off to start planning some stuff!


Miss LGG

P.S. I have a potty mouth. Sorry.

P.S.S No I’m not.