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Get your life-long learn on!
September 11, 2008, 9:00 pm
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Check out this list of 100 free web resources for life-long learnin’, and you can go to school forever and ever, sans the hefty student loans! Woo hoo. Learnin’.


Miss LGG


Fun with Wordle and the State of Our Union: 1993-2008
June 23, 2008, 7:52 pm
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Praise Jeebus!

Never again will we be forced to listen to another State of the Union from our reigning idiot president. In celebration of that, I copied and pasted the text of all nine of his lame State of the Union addresses into Wordle, a fun and free text cloud generator. Just enter any text you want, choose the maximum word count, layout, font, color and presto (Click on the image to enlarge):

Just for fun, here are Bill Clinton’s State of the Union addresses in text cloud form:

Bush (top 15): America, American, Americans, Congress, country, economy, freedom, government, Iraq, nation, people, terrorists, weapons, world, year/years

Clinton (top 15): American, Americans, children, Congress, country, crime, give, health care, insurance, jobs, people, system, world, work, year

Very interesting…


Miss LGG

Hyperlinked Conversation
May 8, 2008, 9:19 pm
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I love living in a hyperlinked world!

I love that I can have an e-mail discussion with a friend starting with this, leading to this and finally wrapping up with this and that.

I love having conversations that begin with government spending/revolution (French and Dance Dance) and end with unicorn covered Trapper Keepers.



Miss LGG

Making Many Lists and Checking Them Whenever I Want
April 10, 2008, 6:25 am
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As a librarian/information maven-in-training I am constantly bombarded with an overwhelming amount of books, websites, articles, etc. In this age of information overload it is certainly hard to keep all of these amazing resources straight. Well tonight, I learned of a web resource designed to do just that. The following link goes out to all of my fellow list-makers:

Ta-da lists is a free website allowing you to create and keep track of personal lists, whatever they may be! You can access them whenever and wherever you are connected. Goodbye sticky notes and other random pieces of paper!

Here are the ones I’ve created thus far:

  • Things to do this month
  • Things to do this year
  • Things to do in this lifetime
  • Books I want to read
  • Books I should read
  • Websites for fun
  • Websites for reference
  • Blogs by friends
  • Blogs by librarians
  • Blogs by other random awesome folk

Make some lists, save some trees and enjoy!


Miss LGG

Assignment: Web Page Review
October 18, 2007, 2:38 pm
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Pretty but soulless
Tidy yet boring
The library website leaves me snoring.

I need to clarify my above harsh (and really bad) poetry by stating that this is not the fault of the library!

The main problem with the Rebecca Crown Library web page is that it seems to be stuck conforming to university-wide mandates of layout and style. In appearance, it seems to be merely a marketing tool for the university, rather than its own entity, which would allow for much more freedom and play. The DU athletics department has their own site (sponsored by CBS), different and certainly more exciting than the parent organization’s. Perhaps the library just needs a corporate sponsor (kidding)!

I understand that Dominican uses the website to market to potential students and parents, and that the over-all look is important to establishing a consistent brand. The Crown library, however, exists to provide quality service to current faculty, staff and students. Because the library web page must connect the community with large amounts of information, it is crucial that the site have a very efficient layout with much more interactivity! The library presence on the DU portal does a better job of this, but is still restricted by a set layout and design.

The main page of a library website should contain a map of all of the information held within. North Carolina State University Libraries (with their own site) do a fantastic job of this—by including the feature categories and what is held within them on the main page. The main page also includes a drop down box of most used features on the site, a search box and an FAQ:


Without scrolling or clicking on multiple links, a user immediately knows where to go from finding info in the catalog and databases, to library news and contact information. North Carolina University also creates a user-rich experience by incorporating extensive subject guides, virtual tours, web-cams and interactive maps of Library locations.

Though the Crown Library now incorporates exciting Web 2.0 tools (yeah!) such as a blog, a wiki and IM they aren’t necessarily easy to find from the main page. Web 2.0 tools should be more prominent—just having them isn’t enough. They must be marketed and promoted like anything else! For example, Reeves Library at Moravian College has a Meebo box with the header “Research Help” on nearly every single page of the website—there is absolutely no missing it:


In conclusion, the Crown library web page suffers from confinement!

Dear Dominican,

Set the library web page free! Give it flexibility and a room of its own to grow and change!

Sincerely, GSLIS Student